Clive is a bright, articulate man who is frustrated by his lack of speech.

He has a light reader but felt he would be limited when he was broadcasting. After two training sessions he became very proficient with the equipment but was still unable to communicate. We have worked with Clive to use 'text to voice' software which has enabled him to have a voice. This has made such a difference to his life. He feels included and is able to compete with his piers on an even playing field. He has now become so confident that he now tunes in the weather, traffic and travel into his talker and takes over! I love Radio Enham! It's great start to my Thursdays and Fridays. Who is your favourite musi artist?: UB40 Who would your dream interview be with?: Alan Sugar What’s been your highlight at Radio Enham so far?: Doing the decks,  working with and meeting people like Rachelle.